Find out why VARTA AGM Batteries are maintenance-free, dependable batteries for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and more!

PWC Personal Watercraft Batteries

Out in open water is the place where the strength in design and construction of VARTA® AGM batteries perhaps matters most, because it’s the last place you want to experience power failure. Our AGM batteries are purpose-built to withstand the heavy strains of open-water performance. The specialized grid design is highly resistant to vibration, and also provides optimum conductivity.

Choosing the Best Replacement Battery for Personal Watercrafts

VARTA® Powersports AGM batteries are rugged, vibration resistant and dependable; what you want in an personal watercraft battery. We offer a full-line of powersports batteries, one to fit your jet ski.

AGM Absorbent Glass Mat Personal Watercraft Batteries

The VARTA® Powersports AGM battery is designed with extreme conditions in mind, so you always have maximum power with no loss in performance. The battery resists vibration, is certified NONSPILLABLE, so it mounts at any angle, and is permanently sealed and maintenance-free. Ready for a day on the wáter.

Maintenance-Free Personal Watercraft Batteries

No measuring, pouring or initial charge required. VARTA® AGM batteries come precision charged and permanently sealed from the factory. They are ready to be installed and ready to power your engine immediately out of the box. This is a huge advantage over traditional “dry-charge” batteries.

Personal Watercraft Brands with VARTA® Batteries

  • Arctic Cat
  • Yamaha
  • Sea-Doo
  • BRP
  • Jet Ski
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Wet Jet International

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