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Where To Recycle Powersports Batteries


Whether you're into cars or motorcycles. Watercrafts or snowmobiles. Dirt bikes or go-karts. A time will come when you have to get a new battery. That part is easy. The next part, what to do with the old battery, can be hard and have dire consequences. But, disposing of the battery correctly, by recycling it, not only keeps the environment happy and safe, but it actually saves us all a lot of money.

Batteries are full of dangerous things. Acid, metal, plastic, lead, and more are dangerous for people and for the environment alike. But all AGM, automotive, motorcycle, and any other lead-acid battery can be recycled. 100% of it, in fact. Every part can be reused. The acid can be converted into sodium sulfate, the plastics can be used for new cases, and the lead can be reprocessed and used for other batteries. Over 90% of lead-acid batteries are recycled. This process along with the high number of recycled batteries means costs are a lot lower for batteries as whole, so the more we recycle, the more we save.

So, where do we go to recycle our batteries? Well, because recycling batteries is a rather popular activity, a lot of places have drop off for dead and old batteries. Odds are, in fact, that where you buy your new battery from has an exchange process. Sometimes this means you can even save a couple of bucks on your new battery when you trade in your old one. Some places may charge for the hassle, instead. So, it's best to call ahead and check first.

If you have a few batteries piled up, or aren't satisfied with paying for the service, you should contact your local Recycling Center. A lot of Recycling Centers will either pay for old car and motorcycle batteries, or at least know a place that will.

If you don't have a Recycling Center near you, then you should look to the internet. Many websites have information about where you can recycle near you. The website has a very simple search function where you can enter what material you want to recycle and where you live. This comes will a list of possible locations, so you can find the one that recycles what you need, and which place is closest to you.

Also, around Earth Day each year, AAA has a battery round-up that focuses on removing and preventing all acids from entering landfills. They have a plethora of information about any old or unique batteries you might have that other places may not take off your hands.

And, if you have a hybrid battery, most dealerships will actually pay you to return their battery back to them. This not only prevents destroying the landfill, but it let's them research their products after use and reuse it to keep costs down.

Recycling batteries, of any kind, has a large impact on the world. Aluminum cans, newspapers, and glass bottles are all recycled less than 60% of the time. But with batteries, we're encroaching the 98% and even 99% of recycling. This saves our world, saves our businesses that we choose, and saves us money.

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