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VARTA Powersports News

The Difference Between Horsepower and Torque

Often when you are shopping for a Dirt Bike, Snowmobile, or ATV you will see two terms: Horsepower and Torque. We know they're important. But we may not know exactly why they are important, and how they are different. Another thing we need to look at is why they're important at all. Read full article

Motorcycle Tire Care This Fall

Taking care of your Motorcycle tires is very important. Just think about the tire for a second. It's the only thing that connects you and your bike to the road (hopefully). This connection is super important so we need to be very aware of our tires to ensure that connection can keep us safe. Read full article

5 Must Have Motorcycle Apps

Apps are becoming more and more prominent, more and more useful. Apps range from fun to informative for all walks of life. Motorcycles and their riders are no different. There are plenty of Apps on the Market for Motorcyclists that improve our life while on the bike. Check out these 5 Motorcycle Apps that are a Must Have. Read full article

Motorcycle Riding Tips for the Rain

Summer and Spring brings us great riding weather. The temperatures are warm, the sun is high, and the general feel of the outdoors is inviting. But with this nice, warm weather comes the chance for Sudden Showers and Storms. These rainstorms can take you by surprise, and if you're on the open road on your Motorcycle you'll need to know a few things to get home safely. Read full article

Talking Dirt: Brandon Schueler

Brandon Schueler, driver of the Jagged X Racing Team, talks about the rise in popularity of UTV classes at SCORE racing events and how “manufacturer involvement may be the biggest asset to the progression of the UTV class.” Read full article

Where To Recycle Powersports Batteries

Whether you're into cars or motorcycles. Watercrafts or snowmobiles. Dirt bikes or go-karts. A time will come when you have to get a new battery. That part is easy. The next part, what to do with the old battery, can be hard and have dire consequences. But, disposing of the battery correctly, by recycling it, not only keeps the environment happy and safe, but it actually saves us all a lot of money. Read full article