Find out why VARTA AGM Batteries are maintenance-free, dependable batteries for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and more!

ATV – All Terrain Vehicle, Quad and Four Wheeler Batteries

From off-road, to way off-road. ATVs face some of the harshest and most extreme conditions in the powersports segment, and require an ATV battery that can keep up. Our VARTA® AGM batteries deliver exactly what these machines need.

  • ATV battery offers dependable cranking power in extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Build to handle the strain of hauling heavy loads
  • Precision charged and performance ready
  • Maintenance-free
  • Permanently sealed at the factory
  • Features Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, enabling the battery to be repeatedly charged and discharged without affecting performance

Choosing the Best Replacement Battery for an ATV, Quad or 4 Wheelers

VARTA® Powersports AGM batteries are rugged, vibration resistant and dependable, what you want in an ATV battery. We offer a full-line of powersports batteries, one to fit your ATV.

AGM Absorbent Glass Mat ATV Batteries

AGM is an absorbent glass mat that holds electrolyte like a sponge and keeps the internal positive and negative plates separated. This AGM battery is a no-leak design that is tough in the high vibration applications and can be installed in any orientation.

Maintenance-Free All-Terrain Vehicle Batteries

No measuring, pouring or initial charge required. VARTA® AGM batteries come precision charged and permanently sealed from the factory. They are ready to be installed and ready to power your engine immediately out of the box. This is a huge advantage over traditional “dry-charge” batteries.

Dry-charge batteries are not "ready to ride" off the shelf. They come with a kit, which requires you to perform several steps before your battery is ready to work. First, you carefully measure the battery acid (some kits come premeasured). Next, you pour the acid into the proper battery vials. Then you seal the battery. And finally, you charge the battery. Depending on the model, charging time can take eight hours. That’s many hours spent not riding.

ATV Brands with VARTA® Batteries

  • BRP
  • ETON
  • KTM
  • CAN-AM

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