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Starting power. Long life. Reliability. You can expect all that and more from a high-performance VARTA® powersports battery.   This innovative line of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) powersports batteries give you something else no other brand can offer.

Hard revving, long rides or all kinds of weather are never problems for the rugged VARTA powersports AGM battery. Designed and built with extreme conditions and long life in mind, so you always have maximum power with no loss in performance. The battery resists vibration, is permanently sealed, is certified NONSPILLABLE so it can be mounted at any angle, and is maintenance-free.

Each battery is freshly charged, no need to hassle with measuring, filling and waiting for a charge. They’re ready to go when the rider’s ready, not when the battery’s ready. Because VARTA batteries feature AGM technology, they’re built to handle whatever the road, dirt, water and snow can dish out and still deliver high performance.